Is Apple Selling The iPhone Contract Free In Preparation For The Next Gen iPhone?

Yesterday it was unearthed that Apple will now be selling the iPhone to users without them having to sign up to a lengthy 2 year contract. However this comes at a price. If you want to pick up a contract-free iPhone, it will set you back $499 for the iPhone 3G 8GB, $599 for the iPhone 3GS 16GB, and $699 for the 32GB top model and apparently they are still locked to the AT&T network.

While you have been able to buy iPhones from carriers in Europe as pay as you go phones with no contracts this is new for the US. In fact in some countries in the EU the iPhone is sold unlocked as standard.

Well now were speculating that perhaps Apple are starting to sell the iPhone without a contract to set things up for the next gen iPhone. Could it be that AT&T’s exclusivity with the iPhone is coming to an end? Are Apple finally going to make the iPhone available to more carriers at long last?

The evidence seems to suggest so and it would also make sense for them to. In order to continue gaining market share and keep up sales, Apple need to make their device available to more carriers. Especially if they want to continue to compete with Android.

So it looks like soon enough you will be able to pick yourself up and iPhone without signing a contract and then go and jailbreak it and unlock it. Just like you could do with the 1st Gen iPhone.

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