Jailbreak iPhone 4 Now!

Yes it’s finally here! iPhone 4 users can rejoice! Jailbreaking was only made legal a couple of weeks ago, and now we can do it! Thanks to the dev team themselves, they’ve released an official jailbreak, that works and you can install it directly from your browser, it’s that simple!

We’ve been teased a couple of times but now we finally have an official release from the Dev team! Good on them.

It’s so simple, just go to jailbreakme.com and just follow the instructions to jailbreak your device.

At the moment there servers are being crippled so many users are reporting failed attempts at jailbreaking their devices, but it is possible!

It works on any iOS device (iPhone 4,3G, 3GS,iPod Touch, and apparently on the iPad as well).

You may want to wait until their servers can handle it a bit better at the moment, otherwise you risk bricking your device.

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