Apple Being Sued Over Unauthorized Data Collection

In a recent report by Bloomberg, two Apple customers are suing the company in an effort to cease the collection of unauthorized data being collected through the Location Services feature of iOS.  Even with location services feature disabled, developers have found that iOS enabled devices are still collecting users coordinates.

An attorney for the plaintiffs stated in a telephone interview:

“If you are a federal marshal, you have to have a warrant to do this kind of thing, and Apple is doing it without one.” reports that Steve Jobs responded to a customer email claiming that the allegations of unauthorized data collection are false, but the report has not been confirmed.

So what is Apple going to do with this data?  Perhaps they are collecting specific information about users who disable Location Services, maybe there is a defect in the iOS source that Apple is still investigating, or maybe the allegations just aren’t true.  We look forward to finding out more as the details of this case unfold.

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