The Lessons that iPhone 5 should take from Samsung Galaxy SII

The release of the first iPhone in January, 2007, has marked the beginning of a new era for the mobile phones industry. But, what’s even interesting is that other mobile and smartphones makers have woke up at Apple’s gong and started to develop their own smart handsets. That’s how we got to the point where we are surrounded by such monikers as “iPhone Killer” or “iPhone Rival”, enhancing even more the leading position that iPhone currently has.

Slowly, things started to change and iPhone’s hegemony was threatened for the first time when Samsung Galaxy S appeared with its sleek looks and appealing performances. Fueled by Google’s Android and featuring an awesome Super AMOLED display, Samsung Galaxy S was the first smartphone to be rightfully viewed as a true “iPhone Killer”.


In this atrocious, never-ending battle between Apple and Google, it seems that the Cupertino Company has to focus both on the software and the hardware aspects of its product, while Google is actually slick and focuses only the OS. Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Acer, Asus and many other smartphone and tablet makers don’t have to worry a bit about the operating system as they take it already in a polished state from Google. Thus, they have much more time to allocate on developing the hardware aspect of their handsets, hoping to end the year with a consolidated market share.

It seems that Samsung Galaxy SII symbolizes the first peak of the battle between iOS and Android. The biggest tech leap for Samsung was to implement the much-rumored NFC (mobile payment technology) on their Galaxy SII. Add to that the imposing size of the device, the dual-core processor and the Super AMOLED Plus display and you got yourself a big number of Galaxy SII wanna-be’s. No wonder why the smartphone already snagged around 3 million preorders.

We know that Apple wants to be one step ahead of its competition. But, will they manage to come up with an iPhone 5 that will sport features that will make Apple’s fanboys turn away their curious glimpses from this impressive Android smartphone?

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