Could Apple Partner With PayPal for A NFC iPhone 5?

As the fifth generation iPhone is presumably getting closer every day, rumors and debates have instantly emerged on whether the device would integrate a NFC (near-field communication) chip for mobile partners. And if it does have NFC chip, who could be Apple’s partner?

NFC chips interact with a card reader and would enable mobile payments, transmitting data over a distance of approximately 10 cm.

Within the Australian Information Industry Association, Mobile Experience’s two founding members took into account two possibilities: for Apple to partner with PayPal or for the company to do it on its own.


A possible partnership between Apple and PayPal for iPhone 5’s NFC payments could be even more profitable than the Google, CitiBank, Master Card team that released Google’s Wallet, Rod Farmer of Mobile Experience reported.

On the other hand, Mobile Experience’s other co-founder, Oliver Weidlich embraces another idea: “if Apple were to enable NFC chip for the upcoming iPhone, it would probably do it by itself”.

So far, we can’t be sure whether Apple will equip iPhone 5 with NFC chips or not, but if it does, the merchant and retailer space could undergo a wider take-up, according to Laura Chambers, PayPal’s director of mobile: “You need that first trigger for [retailers and merchants] to follow.”

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