Sony Corporation (ADR) (SNE): Frantic in Eyewear Development

Sony Corporation (ADR) (NYSE: SNE) is in a race to develop Eyewear. It calls it ‘Head-Mounted Display.’ The company that introduced the gaming console now is aiming to take the whole gaming experience to another level.

What is Eyewear?

An ‘Eyewear’ is a display unit that will sit on the nose and display the video or the game and everything else. It will be able to give a totally new experience as the view is expected to be 180 degrees (if not 360). With motion sensors, stereo headphones (old news really) and now Eyewear, the gaming experience is going to get very real. What more can they think of?

The ‘Eyewear’ will also combine with the earphones and Sony Corporation (ADR) (NYSE: SNE) is working overtime to ensure that the real word noises and visuals will take precedence over the game visuals. Why is this important? Simple, with a display on the head, anyone can play the game using motion sensors … even on the road, in the car, and everywhere else. To experience the best features of this eyewear, we recommend purchasing a new set of affordable earphones, you can search for ‘best earphones under 1000on Amazon India and get yourself a pair of earphones that suits you.

Sony Corporation (ADR) (SNE)Eyewear and Earwear combined in Sony’s Head Mounted Display

Who else is in the race?

The race to develop practical ‘Eyewear’ has been going on for some time. The biggies of the IT sector – Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Samsung Electronics have registered patents on this technology. They are aiming to create a wearable smartphone computer that will integrate a smartwatch, eyewear and maybe a processor, battery, and other hardware hidden somewhere on the body. The projects are very very hush-hush.

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What is in it for Sony?

The innovator of the gaming console, Sony Corporation (ADR) (NYSE: SNE) has been left behind in the race by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT). Before the PlayStation 3 was launched, Sony controlled 70 percent of the market, then Microsoft entered the ring with its Xbox 360 and has been outselling Sony’s PS3 for the last 32 months.

Sony will be launching PS4 on November 15 and Microsoft will launch Xbox One November 22. The current race for game-hungry fingers may have already started, but Sony knows that it can go ahead in the race only by offering new features, both in hardware and software. The push for ‘Head-Mounted Display’ is behind this.

As for Now:

Sony Corporation (ADR) (NYSE: SNE) has lined up a vast array of 11 entertainment applications. These will be available for download, the day PS4 launches. This time, it aims to get the software and hardware right on target. Applications like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, NBA Game Time, EPIX, and NHL GameCenter Live will be available. As of now, it has declared a list for the U.S. only. Europeans will have to wait a while before their list is declared.

What is Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) doing? Working silently and frantically to develop and market before others, heard from our very reliable sources.

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