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The Editorial Team

Robert Boland: Founder of NextiPhoneNews.com and former editor, Robert Boland is an Irish guy passionate about all things technology and especially about the iPhone. He writes for several other tech publications around the Internet.



Arnold Zafra: Arnold is a well-known blogger in topics covering technology, social media, social networks, and gadgets. He writes for some notable sites including Search Engine Journal, Bright Hub and XFEP. Arnold is based in Manila, Philippines and is an iPhone addict.

Daniel Scocco: Daniel is a web publisher, with several websites and blogs under his umbrella. He’s passionate about all things business and technology, and as such he follows the iPhone development and marketing strategies quite closely.

Chris Bibey: Chris has been a dedicated tech blogger for over a year. Chris graduated Cum Laude from La Roche College with a BA in Journalism/Professional Writing in 2005, and he’s been writing ever since.

Javier Hasse: Javier is an analyst with Lone Tree Analytics, and covers a range of companies in the global equity markets. He lives a short walk away from one of the only Apple Stores in Argentina, so needless to say, he’s an iPhone fan.

Pablo Erbar: Pablo also works at Lone Tree Analytics, and covers the tech supply chains like a hawk.

David Woodburn: David holds an M.A. in English from Northern Arizona University, and has worked for Inside Tucson Business and the Hobbs News-Sun previously. David also worked with Waddell & Reed Financial Advisors and brings a legal mindset to the newsroom.

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